With the theme "Get Outside In" for TEDxIndianapolis 2014, we wanted to go beyond stage props. After many brainstorming sessions about the theme and TEDx brand guidelines, we arrived at not only a tree with falling leaves on the stage, but a whole forest of trees in the box seats, and a community art piece for the lobby.


First, we designed a minimalist motif adhering to TEDx brand guidelines. With a pallet of red, white, and black, we found inspiration in the event taking place during Indiana's autumn and created the falling leaf motif. We designed and fabricated a forest of trees to vignette the Hilbert Circle Theatre stage along with the main stage tree which we had welded by our friends at Brett Harbour Studio. On this main tree at the front of the stage, we created the illusion of falling leaves, which visually connected the interactive art piece we installed in the lobby.

To further "Get Outside In," we wanted to involve people both inside and outside the event. Before the event, we began making red vellum leaves with visitors at the Indiana History Center. Each participant was prompted to cut out single leaf and write a word on their piece of the installation. This could be any word, a name, a mantra - anything desired to share with the public. Together, we made hundreds of leaves containing all different shapes, sizes and words. The day before the event, we hung all of these freshly created leaves off the balcony in the lobby of the Hilbert Circle theater. During the event, we continued the collaborative art installation with our guests and watched the canopies of falling leaves quickly take over the balcony.