We were commissioned to create an animation telling the story of Buddha and the Bodhi Tree for the National Geographic Sacred Journeys exhibit at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. The video is displayed vertically on a large screen embedded within the exhibit showcasing Bodh Gaya.


After the script was provided to us, we began the project by storyboarding the scenes needed to be created for the final animation. Once the storyboards and visual style were established and approved, we began our animation process which combines frame by frame movements and dynamic images illustrating the story in sync with the provided audio. One interesting challenge with this project was its vertical orientation: the video needed to be composed as a 1080 HD file flipped on its side for the exhibits vertical video monitor. The end result was a colorful and rich animation which you can watch below. You can see the final installation at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis from Aug. 29, 2015–Feb. 21, 2016.