The goal of this project was to transform two stages for the MWUX 2014 conference. After consultation with our client we chose the direction of simple geometric shapes to represent the clean, minimalist MWUX aesthetic.


 Inspired by the negative space in the designs for MWUX 2014 website, we fabricated tiered triangles with blue ambient light diffusing to the edges of the shapes. Additionally, we created one glowing MWUX14 logo for each stage in the shape of a triangular prism. Although the stages weren't identical, each contained different arrangements of the same design elements to create cohesion.

BrainTwins did an amazing job on the MWUX stage design. We didn’t give them the most thought-out or complete brief, and they totally nailed it anyway. They executed perfectly, worked within our budget, and were even willing to setup and teardown in small windows of time at odd hours. They’ll be getting my call the next time I need some stage design…or anything else that’s out of the ordinary.
— Tony Dewan MWUX 2014 organizer