The Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center had its 20th Annual Meeting and Open House this November. For the event, we transformed the space with a sculpture based on their branding, an illuminated art installation, and backlit frosted glass windows spelling "Claim Your Power."



After scoping out the venue to get a sense of the space for the event, we decided on 3 areas to focus on visually. Upon entering the building, there are three frosted glass windows which usually are dark. We attached letter cutouts to the windows and backlit them with our LED stage lights to illuminate the theme of the event "Claim Your Power." Next, we installed a sculpture of INRC's design elements for the event in front of some office doors to keep guests from going in unwanted areas of the building. Upstairs, we created an illuminated art installation leading guests to the next part of the event. Inspired by the theme of the neighborhood, this installation utilized house cutouts, tree silhouettes, and lighting to create an ambient space.